12 Week Powerful U (Beta)

If you feel like it's time to stop wishing and start committing to your goals- you owe it to yourself to join this group
Its TIME to finally focus on your health goals and change your habits!!!
Kicks off March 4th, 2019

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How This program Will help you finally achieve your goals.

  • You will be coached to make small changes towards your bigger goals from week to week. 
  •  You will be given a series of weekly challenges to create the momentum for long term habit change
  •  You will understand how to eat, sleep, and manage your busy lifestyle in a way that keeps you strong and vigorous
  •  You will practice and recognize how to show up for yourself every day and keep your goals front of mind
  • You will discover why you should STOP looking for a 'quick fix' diet plan and start trusting what your body is telling you
  •  You will become part of a tribe of people all looking to better their lives and learn together 

You are a perfect fit for this program if you:
  •  Feel like you are a few months into the new year and you haven't made the changes you wanted yet for your health
  •  If you are in an unhealthy pattern and want the support and accountability to focus on YOU again
  •  Are sick of telling yourself "I'll do better tomorrow, or Monday or next week"...and you are tired of starting over
  •  Are excited to try new things and know that good habits can be created one day at a time with practice
  •  Know that what you are currently doing is not helping you get to your goals, and you are interested in learning ways to improve
  •  Looking for a community of supportive people that are all on a similar path as you
  •  Are open to the fact that the stories you are telling yourself may be exactly why you are feeling "stuck" in your life
And the #1 Reason you should join this program: 
It is possible for you to achieve what you want for your weight, health, body and mind if you just make the commitment to put in the work!

We jump right in on Day 1 to give you a coaching call and  weekly challenge that will change the way you are eating, the way you are thinking and start making yourself PROUD. 

We are always practicing. We are always learning. We are always growing. 
Let's do this together.
What is Health Coaching and how will it benefit me? 
Health Coaching is about YOU.

 I am not going to give you a standard diet or exercise plan you must follow.  As a Coach I am here to guide you and hold you accountable to what you say you want. And for 99.9% of my clients what they ultimately want is to feel PROUD of themselves. 

So many women feel like they are putting their goals  on the back burner because they can't add "one more thing" to their plate. 

 You are the most important person in your life and you OWE it to yourself to take some time learning and trying new things to get the result you are after. 

It doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming.

One. Step. At. A . Time

Are you Ready to make some progress??
What you can expect from this program :
  • Weekly Calls (dates to be emailed in advance) to give you guidance and space to think about what you want to achieve
  •  Weekly Facebook check-ins to review challenges and set goals daily goals
  •  Group accountability via a private Facebook group for members only
  •  You can expect to walk away knowing that the power to change is within you and that it is possible with the right dedication and support
Hurry! There are only 15 total spots 
Group Will Close in.....
What My Clients are Saying About Investing in Coaching....
"This program has given me the permission to dig in deep and be honest with myself. I’m a care taker and do a great job helping others, but often don’t take care of myself. I find myself multiple times during the week replaying pieces of our discussion which help keep me focused. My stress level is at an all-time low (despite a million things going on that would normal spin me out of control) and I find myself enjoying things more because I’m better able to be in the moment. I’ve maintained my weight which has always been a struggle for me and have a higher level of confidence that I can continue to lose to get to my ultimate goal and be able to successfully maintain. No more rollercoaster!"
- Nicole  Richfield, MN
"I have loved the ability to talk through my struggles and know that I have someone to not only keep me accountable but also troubleshoot ways to improve and get over the hump. With each "breakthrough" I've gained more confidence and I am starting to get my voice back. Coaching has allowed me to do more things that are important to me and create true balance in my life. I work out more, I eat better, I take more time for myself and I do it with less guilt than I had when I started 
   You have helped me believe in myself again and that I deserve to be happy. You have held me accountable throughout the process which makes it easier as the weeks pass. THANK YOU!
- Katie, Excelsior, MN

About Me...

 I haven't always had healthy eating habits OR a body that I loved. In fact, I spent over 20 years either uncomfortable in my skin, or fad dieting which left me feeling powerless around food.  I spent years stuck in the "diet trap"- restricting what I ate when I was "on plan" or going completely overboard when I was "off plan".  I knew that was not a way I could live forever....I knew it had to stop.

 I have learned the tools to stop this cycle and create the life/body/power that I deserve.  I became a Certified Health Coach so I could help other woman feel strong and confident in their lifestyle choices. We all have the power feel AMAZING in our bodies and achieve our health goals.

I am also the  co-creator and owner of Altman Fitness in Edina, MN.  I have trained thousands of twin cities residents and helped hundreds achieve INCREDIBLE weight loss results over the past 8 years.

I am so excited to share this powerful NEW Group Coaching program with you and help you ACTIVATE the Warrior Mindset I believe we all have inside of us.
It is my mission as a coach to help you recognize your potential by giving you tools to implement immediately into your daily life so that you can achieve any goal you desire. 
- Kelly
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