V.I.P Coaching Program

Customized Coaching to Help you Achieve Your Goals

Do you desire more from your life or your health?

 If you had the right system, support and accountability you would finally STOP Wishing and START taking action.
Are you a busy woman who is ready to take control of your life, make yourself a priority & achieve your health goals once and for all??
 Life is full and it's easy to get caught up in what everyone else needs from you. 

It can feel like all of a sudden you wake up and realize that you feel terrible and something needs to change. Maybe you don't even know what that is yet. 
That's okay- you're in the right spot. 
Are you....
  • Tired of jumping from diet plan to diet plan and nothing seems to work?
  • Busy taking care of everyone else and your own self care is suffering?
  • ​Thinking that you will never be able to maintain a healthy weight?
  • ​Feeling overwhelmed because the lifestyle you want feels like it requires too much work?
Good News! You are not the only one who feels this way.  I've felt all of these things too.
 I know you can also....
  • Create your own way of eating that fuels your unique lifestyle
  • Lose weight eating foods you love
  • ​Feel strong and powerful in your body
  • ​Create the energy you desire
  • ​Take great care of yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY- even while taking care of others
  • Build lifestyle habits that make you feel amazing in your body  

Hey There!
I'm Kelly.

I haven't always had healthy eating habits OR a body that I loved. In fact, I spent over 20 years either uncomfortable in my skin, or fad dieting which left me feeling powerless around food. I spent years stuck in the "diet trap"- restricting what I ate when I was "on plan" or going completely overboard when I was "off plan". I knew that was not a way I could live forever....I knew it had to stop.
I became a Certified Health and Life Coach so I could help other woman feel strong and confident in their lifestyle choices. We all have the power feel AMAZING in our bodies and achieve our health goals.

That is why it is my mission to help guide women to see that nothing is more important than their physical and mental health. It is up to you to create the space to make your health and happiness a priority. The past is the past, but YOU are in control of your future and the power to change is within you.

If you are ready to stop WISHING for your goals and ready to start making them happen little by little, this is for YOU. 


Support to Live My Best Life

THIS ISN’T A DIET. Kelly helps me think of food in a different way and really focus on how my body responds to it. The changes I made are ones I will continue for the rest of my life. She provides a judgement free but honest look at what is getting in my way and what changes I can make to meet my goals. Her coaching has been crucial to my success and the group support makes it all even better! " -  Sarah B
With coaching you will:
  •  Get off the diet roller coaster 
  •  ​Learn to trust yourself with your food choices
  •  Eat for energy and to achieve your ideal weight  
  •  Wake up each day excited and feeling in control 
  •  Gain confidence and momentum for your overall well-being 
  •  SHOW UP more completely as a wife, mom and powerful woman  
Increase your energy with food, exercise and daily habits
Create & Shape the identity you desire
Focus on the solutions and not the problems
Get support, love & connection to other women just like you 
Increase your energy with food, exercise and daily habits
Give yourself permission to create the identity needed to meet your goals
Kick your problems to the curb as you focus on solutions 
Get support, love & connection in a way that's tailored to get you the results you are after  
"Life is a practice. We are always learning and growing."
-Kelly Altman
As a Holistic Health and Life Coach
I have helped hundreds of women:
  • Learn how to eat and exercise to give them the very best energy
  • Understand exactly what is keeping them stuck in achieving their health goals
  • ​Take control of their lifestyle choices so they can live their best life
  • ​Show up as the best versions of themselves and live a life they love
  • Lose weight and keep it off in a way that feels natural
This program is NOT right for you if you:
  • Are looking to follow a pre-described diet plan or a 'quick-fix'
  • Think your key to happiness is a certain number on the scale
  • Feel like you have nothing to learn about yourself to achieve your goals
  • ​Don't need connection to a community of like-minded woman who support you
  • Are ​completely satisfied with your habits around exercise, eating, self-love, identity or mindset
What is Health Coaching and how will it benefit me? 

What I won't do as your coach:

  • Give you a standard diet or exercise plan you must follow
  • ​Shame you for making mistakes
  • ​Recommend 'quick fixes' or a certain goal weight you should strive for
  • ​Treat you like you are the same as everyone else

What I will do as your coach:

  • Guide you and hold you accountable to what you say you want
  • Show you that a life you are proud of is possible!
  • Treat you as a unique individual and celebrate your successes
  • ​Help you learn from mistakes and not use them as road-blocks

One. Step. At. A. Time

Health Coaching is about YOU.
  "The Truth" as I see it:
So many women feel like they are putting their goals  on the back burner because they can't add "one more thing" to their plate. 

 You are the most important person in your life and you OWE it to yourself to take some time learning and trying new things to get the result you are after. 

It doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming.

The BEST thing you can do to make an impact on your kids, your family members and your loved ones is to show up as the best, happiest and healthiest version of YOU!

Your journey is your journey, let's do this together!

No More Rollercoaster!

This program has given me the permission to dig in deep and be honest with myself. I’m a care taker and do a great job helping others, but often don’t take care of myself. I find myself multiple times during the week replaying pieces of our discussion which help keep me focused. My stress level is at an all-time low (despite a million things going on that would normal spin me out of control) and I find myself enjoying things more because I’m better able to be in the moment. I’ve maintained my weight which has always been a struggle for me and have a higher level of confidence that I can continue to lose to get to my ultimate goal and be able to successfully maintain. No more rollercoaster!"
- Nicole. Richfield, MN

I Believe in Myself again!

"I have loved the ability to talk through my struggles and know that I have someone to not only keep me accountable but also troubleshoot ways to improve and get over the hump. With each "breakthrough" I've gained more confidence and I am starting to get my voice back. Coaching has allowed me to do more things that are important to me and create true balance in my life. I work out more, I eat better, I take more time for myself and I do it with less guilt than I had when I started
   You have helped me believe in myself again and that I deserve to be happy. You have held me accountable throughout the process which makes it easier as the weeks pass. THANK YOU!
- Katie, Excelsior, MN
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